Inventory Management and Sync as well as shipping



I am currently looking for an inventory management system for my business. I fulfill all orders myself from my warehouse. I do about 2500 shipments per month and hand writing inventory has become a pain. I am currently looking in to ecomdash for the inventory management but they do not offer integration with UPS, which I absolutely need as most of my items are larger in size and heavy. Is there any program/site that allows…
1- Inventory management and syncing across multiple channels. (ebay, amazon, sears, magento, rakuten)
2- the ability to create shipping labels with ups, fedex,post office and update back to channel with tracking information.
I even checked Inventory management video for more information but did not find much.
Ecomdash seems to be the closest I have found but no UPS integration.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


I’m on the hunt for something similar and I feel your pain… You need a multi-channel inventory system and a separate shipping software. The good news is, the “big” shipping softwares connect to most inventory platforms. (ShipStation or ShippingEasy). The main problem is finding integrations to communicate inventory quantities.
I think Airtable provides an API to help with this, but I haven’t yet figured it out. (Can anyone help us)
Resources websites: webretailer, internetretailer., ecombytes
Multichannel inventory under $600/month : expandly, finaleinventory, TradeGecko, ecomdash
Multichannel with everything you need: possibly Skubana, stitchlabs