Inventory Management and Sync as well as shipping



I am currently looking for an inventory management system for my business. I fulfill all orders myself from my warehouse. I do about 2500 shipments per month and hand writing inventory has become a pain. I am currently looking in to ecomdash for the inventory management but they do not offer integration with UPS, which I absolutely need as most of my items are larger in size and heavy. Is there any program/site that allows…
1- Inventory management and syncing across multiple channels. (ebay, amazon, sears, magento, rakuten)
2- the ability to create shipping labels with ups, fedex,post office and update back to channel with tracking information.
I even checked Inventory management video for more information but did not find much.
Ecomdash seems to be the closest I have found but no UPS integration.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


I’m on the hunt for something similar and I feel your pain… You need a multi-channel inventory system and a separate shipping software. The good news is, the “big” shipping softwares connect to most inventory platforms. (ShipStation or ShippingEasy). The main problem is finding integrations to communicate inventory quantities.
I think Airtable provides an API to help with this, but I haven’t yet figured it out. (Can anyone help us)
Resources websites: webretailer, internetretailer., ecombytes
Multichannel inventory under $600/month : expandly, finaleinventory, TradeGecko, ecomdash
Multichannel with everything you need: possibly Skubana, stitchlabs


I’ve been looking for something similar as I get into more channels. So far, have been modifying the inventory templates. Still learning…


Zapier and Integromat, at least, integrate with ShipStation and other ecommerce shipment managers. While I’ve not had reason to work with FedEx or UPS, I’ve connected Airtable to the USPS’s address validation system with Integromat and with Zapier. I know integrating with a service’s package management system would be more complicated than interfacing to the Post Office’s CASS system — but the latter took all of an hour, maybe, the first time I did it, and less time the second; I can’t imagine a package system would be that onerous to build…