Inventory Management Through Forms

  1. "how do I sum the values of a linked record that came from a Form submission from another table in the same Base - (in this case, its a Count from 2 separate Plant-out recordings, but I want these 2 records to add up so that the total value, 13, can be subtracted from the Nursery inventory)

  2. and is it necessary to create a Nursery (main inventory database) AND a Nursery Outflow table? I basically want recording of Planting-Outs from Nursery to Field to be super simple for my team - they should just fill out a simple form of what, when, and where they planted, and then have their response flow back to the Nursery database.
    Similarly, when seedlings Enter the Nursery, they can fill in a inflow form that updates the Nursery database.
    Any suggestions on keeping it simple when each batch of seedlings (say 50 Limes will be planted out in 5 batches, and therefore 5 recordings)?

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