Inventory materials based on kits they go into

Hello! I am new to Airtable and working on setting up inventory for my organization. We have raw materials that are used in different quantities and combinations in different craft kits which correspond to different books. Multiple materials may be in a kit and the number of each material will be different for each kit as well. Some kits go to two or more books.

I currently have a table for book titles, craft kits, and raw materials. I have them linked to each other so that for example, the craft kit “daisy crown” has a field that lists the raw materials needed (white paper, green paper, etc) BUT I’m struggling to figure out how to add the calculation for the number of each material for that craft. A daisy crown requires two sheets of green construction paper whereas other crafts require a different amount. I’d like to link the quantities for each craft so that I can project what I will run out of based on how many kits of each craft I’m making coming up.

If anyone has any solutions or suggestions I’d appreciate it! Thank you!

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Hi there, perhaps you can add table for “Bill of Materials” where it links to product table. For my case, no matter what items we have, it will be under one table (be it book titles, craft kits, and raw materials). After that create table for Bill of Materials which will link back to product table so you specify them further.

Thank you! I am not quite sure how to build the “Bill of Materials” yet but I looked it up and this seems like the possible solution, thank you for pointing me in that direction. If you have any tips for getting started on that or know of any videos or tutorials, could you send them my way? Thank you again!

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