Inventory Tracking - total left in stock


I want to track when a person takes stamps, and display the total stamps we have left. For example, We have 200 1st class stamps. Courtney takes 5 1st class stamps. The new stock is 195. Bridget takes 5 stamps. the new stock is 190 1st class stamps.
Also tracking global stamps, and ‘over 1oz’ stamps.
I need to track who takes what, when, and how much we have left.
Easy to do in excel, not so much here.


Welcome to the community, Tracy! :smiley: I can definitely help you set up a base that tracks those pesky stamps. I’ll send you a PM so we can talk details.


Hi @Tracy_Standish

This is actually very simple to do in a database - first you have a Stamp Stock Table like this:

and a Stamps Used table:

The clever bits are the 2 calculated fields on the Stamp Stock table - the first Quantity Used is a Rollup field from the connected Stamps Used Table:

and the second, Remaining, is a simple formula:


To do stock control properly, you would normally have means of adding stock items as well - I’m not sure if you need this or whether you would just add to your Stock Quantity field - or another option is just to enter a negative entry into Stamps used with a name of Stock replenish or something.

To build a more complete solution you may want to add a New Stock table and have the base calculate Stock itself using a similar rollup field from that - but it may be overkill.

Hope this helps.


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Julian, thank you so much for trying to help. I cannot seem to recreate what you have here. Would you be so kind as to talk a look? May I contact you to share a link?


https:// airtable .com/invite/l?inviteId=invbl7yxeE0Bcuz7O&inviteToken=e9e779f19e05b0cf14ce3b47a8f042f0065a9f9cfb70db0a3753099f0a7f2de6


Hi Tracy - the link didn’t seem to work - you can send me a link at (or invite me).

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