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Good day, I am new to Airtable and simply love it!

I am eager to share this wonderful tool with my network and have had a great response. However, one person has shared that they are simply too busy to try out the tool right now. She has asked me if I can rescind my invitation. Is this possible? Can I remove her email from the list of email recipients?

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Welcome to the community, @Angela_Thurman! :smiley: There’s no need to rescind an invitation to join Airtable. If you use the “Email an invite” feature on your Referrals and credits page, only a single email is sent (as far as I know). Only Airtable support can tell you if that email address is stored on their end anywhere, but my gut says that it’s not. Anyone who isn’t interested can just ignore it.

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Thank you, Justin. I appreciate the help!

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