Involves airtable formula and scripting

Hello everyone, I’m setting up a database to access people’s task. I’ll state a task and assign a score to it, 1-5 to show how important it is, then check 3 fields. If the fields are checked, the value should equal the value score value selected earlier and if not, zero. Then the total vaue sholud be calculated only if the completed column is checked that the task is completed. So there are four checked to be checked. Let’s say i select a score of 4, and i check all three fields and then the complete field, the total score should be calcuated as 16, but if 2 fields and completed, I score 12 but if completed not checked at all, the total shouldn’t be calculated at all. I don’t know how to setup the formula for this or better still a script that can run this. Pls help out!

use smth like
for total score
and IF for conditional display

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