iOS 13 display bug - cannot click “done”


There seems to be a display but on iOS 13 when entering a mutiple select choice in the app. The bug was here before but it has now changed behaviour and breaks the UX.

When the list of choices is long and takes the whole screen height, the “done” button at the top right is no longer clickable, and seems to be partly hidden under another view element. As a result, it is impossible to exit the choice selection view, and the app needs to be killed to change view.

I would attach a screenshot but it looks like I dont have the permission to do so

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Are you using the app or iOS 13 with [mobile] Safari?

I’ve noticed a similar issue with lengthy option lists that make it wholly unusable on iOS 13/iPad/Mobile Safari.

Nothing can be selected or scrolled in this UI context -

I am using the iOS app