iOS App crashing when opening/adding records to table containing a dropdown field


Hi folks,

We signed up for Airtable recently and absolutely love it. Thanks for building and supporting this great product!

There is this one bug that is making it impossible for my team to use the iOS app.

The iOS app keeps crashing in both iPhone & iPad when we try to open or add records to a table containing a dropdown field.

  • Most templates contain dropdown fields. So they keep crashing.
  • A new table with default fields is working fine.
  • Once we add a dropdown field, it starts crashing in iOS.

We will be adding records mostly on the move with an iPad. This bug is a deal breaker.



Agree. Totally useless with this bug. Cannot add a single record entry via iPad.


My airtable iOS is crashing on any second level screen. So I can see a table but opening a record always crashes on iPhone and iPad


Hi there, thank you so much for reporting! We’re aware of this bug and looking into a fix. The good news is, as far as we know the bug is only happening on iOS 12.2, which is exclusively a developer beta. If you’re seeing the same bug on a different iOS version, please let us know by emailing