iOS App location to host all private Airtable links shared with me


I love Airtable! I have a feature request. I created a form for my family to add gift/wish items for Christmas and Birthdays. I created a view for each member so they can’t see their gifts requested so they will not know if someone purchased a gift for them, you know keep it a surprise. My request is to allow people who receive private links of table views a location in the iOS app so they can quickly find their shared links. This particular gift base has three private link views for each person in my family.

  1. A view of all the gifts requested - minus their gift requests.
  2. A form view to make gift requests.
  3. A form view to record a gift purchase (still working on this one - I need to figure out how to filter only the gifts not purchased)

It would be nice if this view of links was set up like the bases. So as a user I would see the name of the Base and then under it the views I have access too.

Thanks for your consideration!