iOS Display Glitch


I’m having problems with displaying tables in grid view on iOS devices. The problem is that the primary field will not display correctly or at all. See attached screenshot.

When a record with a seemingly empty primary field is expanded, the contents of the primary field show correctly (only in expanded view though). I can see no logical patterns as the why some fields are displayed correctly and others are not. It seems completely random. The primary field from the screenshot is a simple text field.

This behaviour is consistent with different tables in different bases and on different tested devices (iPhone & iPad).

I hope this is not a duplicate of a known bug, but I couldn’t find a related topic using search.

UPDATE: I do have a suspicion. I think it has to do with data that was copy&pasted into the table. As soon as I change just a little something within the primary field (like adding a space at the end and deleting it again) in the browser or desktop app the record instantly becomes displayed correctly in the iOS app. I’m not 100% sure but I believe that all the records that show the glitch were actually really pasted from excel. Still believe this is a bug that needs to be sorted out. Manually going through 100s or 1000s of records is just not an option.