iPadOS / iOS13 Desktop Safari

Anyone having success using Airtable in safari on iPadOS (on iPad Pro)?

Clicking, scrolling, navigation in general isn’t really working (intermittent at best). But I can see Kanban views which is nice.

I’m working to go iPad only, but Airtable is keeping me bound to my laptop and I was hoping iPadOS and desktop safari would answer my prayers.

Thoughts, ideas, shared experiences would be appreciated.


Hi Fritz, just posted a brief review of the Airtable use with iPad under Safari and iPad OS 13… not going to replace your laptop anytime soon depending of the amount of work you do on Airtable but check it anyway.


Thanks @JEAN_FRANCOIS_BODIN. Your review is very much inline with my experiences to date. Hoping improvements are in the works.

Yeah it is not that bad as you can use blocks but scrolling is painful. Best option would be iPad that can support mouse attachment (have to check that). read somewhere that the touchscreen scrolling was the most challenging part for Apple to emulate laptop like behaviour on the iPad OS 13. A cool feature would be the possibility to use iPhone as a remote mouse such as Apple TV remote for instance.