Is a child between 5 and 16 years? Formula help

I am working on a database of the individuals in our feeding programme. In December we host an annual Christmas party for the kids between 5 and 16. How do I write a formula to identify these children?
I have tried variations:
IF({Current Age}>4 AND {Current Age}<17), ‘invite’)
IF( AND({Current Age}>4 {Current Age}<17), ‘invite’)

and I just keep getting error messages. Clearly something is wrong with my format but I don’t know how to fix it. Please help :slight_smile:

You’re close! Try this:

IF(AND({Current Age} > 4, {Current Age} < 17), "Invite")

Your second variation is closest, you’re just missing a comma between each expression in your AND() statement.

Hope this helps!

This forum is amazing - I knew someone would know how to do it. That is working perfectly, thank you!

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