Is Airtable having a logo/icon/link policy?

I think I managed to create a Space, with a Grid, Form and View.
When I create links from my website to those of Airtable.
What is the policy for using an Airtable icon on my website?
Or what is the link convention?

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I’m going to guess that as long as you’re not messing with their brand colors or doing something illegal or irresponsible, they won’t mind.

Having said that I don’t speak for Airtable - I’m just someone who likes their product - So if this is critical for you ( could lose your job because you didn’t ask) - I’d ask their support team

If not - I recommend just forgetting you ever wrote this post :innocent:

I am not in a hurry. Lets wait a few more hours/days until someone from Airtable enlightens us.
At iconscout, the icon is also available, but if they are authorized to share the icon is unknown.

Well - It looks like @Aron has joined us. :wave: