Is Airtable suitable for building a social networking web app?

Hello Airtable Community,

I have never used Airtable and I am evaluating it to determine if it would meet my needs. I am looking to build a web app (using a no code tool) and am trying to determine the best backend to use. I am planning to build a social networking app. By its very nature, the hope is to gain a huge number of users on the app. The part I am a bit unclear about with regards the pricing structure of Airtable is that, will one license suffice for such a social networking app that would have many users? Or would Airtable require billing for every user? If one user license for the app would suffice, how can someone implement user level permissions, user logins and signups using Airtable? Also, is there a potential downside that Airtable could start to slow down as huge amounts of records (posts) are saved to Airtable?

I would appreciate any guidance on my above questions. Thanks!

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Airtable probably isn’t the best back end for a social networking app with a huge number of users. Each base in Airtable is limited to 50,000 records.

If you want to use one user license and the REST API to build a front end, that would not be a no-code solution. You could use Stacker or Mini-Extensions or other portal software that provides user level permissions, logins, for a no-code solution. However, you are still going to hit that 50,000 record limit.

Okay, this is understood. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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