Is Airtable the right application?

Still putting together a Base to track my Fitness Instructor business.

I have tables for Client Names, Classes Offered, and an Income table that tracks which clients attended which classes and how much each paid for each class.

I also have Assistant Instructors for each class. There is one Assistant in each class I teach, but it can be any of 3 different people. I track who the Assistant was for each class in the Classes Offered table. Assistants are paid a percentage of the total income from that class.

Now, with these 3 tables, I’m at a loss to figure out whether or not Airtable is able to track how much each of the instructors is owed (total and per class), and if Airtable can also track my payments to the Assistants, and keep a running balance of each of their “accounts”.

I’ve not found any examples of Airtable being used for accounting tasks, so I greatly appreciate any help in determining of Airtable is the right tool for the job; OR if it is, some assistance in designing the Base!

Thanks all in advance.

Hi @nick_gibson,

Airtable can definitely do that. However, from what I understand, you need a small tweak to be able to do so.

You need a table named Assistants, you can then link this Assistant to their respective classes, then in the Assistants table you can use Rollup to determine how much they are owed.


Thank you for your suggestion. How to fully accomplish that is still unclear to me.
The Assistant’s names are taken from the Client Names table, since my Assistants used to be clients!
In creating an Assistants table, I linked to the Assistant’s names by selecting them from the Client Names list.
So now I have an Assistants table with 3 records - One record for each Assistant.

First, how does one link to the Classes Offered table in order to get it to look up the classes that each Assistant has worked in?
Then, how does one use Rollup to total up the amount owed to each Assistant? (In the Classes Offered table there is already a rollup field which calculates how much an Assistant is owed for that class, so how does rollup the total owed for all their classes?)

I appreciate if you can take the time to explain!

In the classes table, where you have the Assistant selected, change this field to Link to Another Record and link it to the Assistants table.

Now in the Assistants table, make a new field to Rollup the Sum of the Classes from the formula you already have in the Classes table.

I see! Thank you again for the patient reply; I now have that part working. I had been trying to approach it from the opposite direction, trying to link the Assistants to Classes, instead of linking Classes to Assistants.

Your answers have helped me accomplish my goals, thanks!

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Im glad it worked ! :slight_smile:

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