Is automations and/or 2-way syncing relationships between bases in the works?


So let me start out by saying I am currently testing airtable to see if it suits my needs because clickup sucks. Clickup is way too buggy and too bloated.

I love airtable however I just hit the realization that you cannot seamlessly change between bases and you also cannot link records between bases nor can you set up automations that cross between bases. This is a buzz kill for me as my like to change status of a particular record and trigger a automation to then duplicate and add a template to the duplicated record on another list/base.

i cannot do this on airtable and its very frustrating.

I would like to know if any plans are in the works with a feature like the one described above?

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by this? If you’re looking to jump from one base to another, try the Ctrl-K (Cmd-K on Mac) hotkey. It opens a popup where you can start typing the name of a base. Enter once you’ve got it, and you’re in the other base instantly, without needing to go back to the workspace navigator first.

Actually you can. A scripting action in an automation in one base could call a webhook-triggered automation in another base. I just set this up for a client the other day.

While a webhook-triggered automation could help you pull this off, this could also be done using synced tables. In Base A, create a synced view of the table that you want to duplicate, and sync it to Base B. In Base B you can have an automation that looks for a status change in the synced table and does the duplication and anything else you want. I’ve also set this up for a client.

The 2-way syncing that you mentioned in your post subject is trickier to set up. I haven’t done something like that yet, but it’s probably doable with careful planning.

Airtable devs are notoriously tight-lipped on their development roadmap, so you’re not likely to see an answer here. Some devs are part of the forum, but this is primarily a user community, and we—like you—have no idea about Airtable’s upcoming plans.

I just solved the task with 2-way sync “deliver questions to several colleagues, get answers and comments without let them see each other info”. For some additional and historical reasons, each colleague use his own base.
Just sync info to other base, and then sync it back to another table of your base. Use links and lookups to gather info in one table, in case of dynamically changed records, maintain new links update with automation.

There are possible scenarios, when you want to let several persons to change values in the same set of fields in the same base. I would not create separate bases for that, but use shared views of a single base in that case.

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I managed to create a very simple one, where a checkbox field in 2 tables in 1 base, sync in 2 directions. Used an automation that creates a record in the 2nd table, including the same ticket number, with a link to the first one. Then 2 other automations that look for a change in the checkbox field, find the record in the other table based on the same ticket number and update that record.