Is budget forecasting possible in Airtable?

Hey there,

I’m currently using Excel to manage my family budget and forecast, I’m wondering if Airtable might be a good solution do use instead to help me find insights and manage the updates. Currently it’s pretty tedious.

Anyone done this sort of thing before? Any recommendations?

Attached an image of what my spreadsheet looks like:

Short answer is - Ye

Long answer is - Yes

I’d recommend having a look at the Airtable Universe which can help you create a nice template or give you some inspiration

Try this one for example:

oh interesting. thanks for the advice, that example you share is v overwhelming, I don’t have an accounting degree, lol!

I’ll do some searching there though thanks

Hi @immeasurablematt

@andywingrave gave a great link! I wanted to add a bit more.

I wonder if this template might be a bit less overwhelming to start with.

And this Small business budget template may be relevant as well, as it has projected income and expenses already built in.

Have a good day! :wink:

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