Is is possible for a button to trigger SendGrid App to send email to a single record only

I am using Airtable as a CRM, and have a ‘clients’ table, with a primary contact email field.

I have a project for which I will need to contact each client, but would like to do this one by one, rather than emailing everyone at once. I have created a button field and set the button to trigger a SendGrid app email. By default, this will send to all records in the table.

I realise I can filter and configure the SendGrid app to only send to a given view. But is there any way of having a button trigger an email for that record only, without having to first check a box to stick that record into a given view?

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That’s not correct. Button fields already operate at the record level. From the documentation on using the “Send email with SendGrid” option:

This action opens a SendGrid app and fills the email template with data from the record the button was clicked from.

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