Is it possible to add JSON data or an array of objects into Airtable column?

Hi there, I’m new to the Airtable.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to store JSON data in a cell ?

For example, if I have a User table, and inside this User table, I want to store an array of objects for every user about the videos the user has watched.

Is it possible ? :thinking: :thinking:

Can I store the data ( similar to the code below) in a cell ?

{videoId: 1, videoTitle:"some thing", videoDescription:"some text"},
{videoId: 2, videoTitle:"some title", videoDescription:"some text"},
{videoId: 3, videoTitle:"some other title", videoDescription:"some text"},
{videoId: 4, videoTitle:"fourth title", videoDescription:"some text"}

What’s the easiest way to create this relationship ?
Do I have to create another Video table? :thinking:

Any suggestions ? THANK YOU !!

e.g. User Amy watched video#1, video#2, video#3, and video#5
e.g. User Bob watched video#1, video#4, video#5
( I have a total of 100 videos )

Sure, create a long text field, and you can paste JSON into that field.

You can also use an app like JSON Editor or On2Air: Amplify to give you a full JSON editor to work with the contents of that field.


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