Is it possible to create a base for a helpdesk with back and forth emailing between tech and customer?


I’m really liking Airtable thus far but I don’t know how to enable my current killer scenario which is to replace Zendesk. I run a tiny helpdesk and just need the ability to email back and forth between myself (paid user) and my customers (unauthenticated users).

Is this possible?

I suspect I will need to write some integrations through Zapier or Logic Apps (or whatever) but how would I manage the conversations on the tickets?


Ahhh, that’s an awesome idea!

+1 for me too!


I have exactly this set up in my customer / project base (I do database consultancy). I have two Zaps (now I would probably use Integromat) looking at my Inbox and Sent Items and matching email from / to addresses respectively against my Airtable base - and if a match is found storing the text of the email into an Activities record linked to the person. I also store a link to the email (they’re in Office 365 but you could do the same with Gmail).


I need to revisit this. I abandoned it because of other higher priority tasks and not having a clear path forward.

Do you also put a ticket/task ID in the subject? Otherwise, how do you make sure you don’t match emails from a customer that aren’t related to a ticket/task?

We also use Office 365.


Hi Chris

My needs don’t include needing to link an email to a support ticket - but it would be possible if a ticket no (probably simplest to use the Airtable record ID) were in the subject or body of the email.