Is it possible to disable opening a record in a shared view?

I’ve created a gallery view that I want to embed in a company intranet page (SharePoint). I want people to be able to see the values and click on the links and buttons that I’ve included, but I don’t want them to click on the record and have it open, as this will likely confuse them and it shows information that they don’t need to see. I’m guessing the answer is no at this point, but is there any way to disable opening the records? If so, can the clickable fields still work?

For clarification, here’s what the embedded view looks like on the SharePoint page:

And here’s what it looks like when you click on a record:

Turn off the option to show all fields in the expanded view.

It is turned off. It’s just showing the fields that can be seen on the record card. But I don’t want them to be able to expand the record at all.

That’s not possible. You might want to look at the gallery view from

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