Is it possible to find out date of when a linked record was done?

Is it possible to find out date of when a linked record was done ?

Hey! Are you looking to find the creation date of a linked record?

Exactly !

Oh I see, you’re looking to find the time when the link occurred. It doesn’t look like that is built into Airtable, so we might have to create a formula to do this for you.

Can you describe what you are trying to do, and why? Then we can look at designing the table properly.


SURE, I work with cattle, and I need to know WHEN each of those classifications occured …

Hmmm, well I don’t believe there is a way to find that information given the current setup of the table, maybe Airtable Support would be more knowledgeable. Sorry I can’t help more with that!

In terms of moving forwards, we could probably add a formula or script which saves this “date linked” information, but I’d need a description of the whole process of the base, or maybe access to a demo version of the base, to be able to properly help. In addition, if you can get me access to the base ( a version with any private information deleted), then I could see if there is any other ways to tackle this issue and getting you the results you need.


You can look in the activity fly-out for the record to see when the field was edited. Because it is a manual process, this isn’t realistic for large numbers of records. If the records were linked when they were created, you can also find the created time for the linked records with a created time field.

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