Is it possible to have a form's drop down list choices be set to be a list that you create in airtable?

I will want to possibly create several different lists so that they can be choices for different drop down fields.

Thank you.

That sounds like a prime case for using links. Instead of making a single-select or multiple-select field, create a link to a new table, and build your list in that table. Any changes you make to the table will be reflected in any other tables that link to it, including forms that use those link fields.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, then could you provide more details about your use case?

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Hi, I understand about normalizing relational databases. I see in Airtable the ability to use drop down fields in lieu of a linked table.

Can you expound a bit on why you might use that instead of a linked table? I copied one of the templates I found in the Universe and their database is not normalized (they used DDL instead).

Thank you!

I marked Justin’s response as the solution.

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