Is it possible to have images in automatic emails?


I am wondering whether it is possible to add an image to the body of the emails that are sent using automation? I want to add the logo of the company to the signature.


Hi @Amir-Homayoun_Javadi - no, is doesn’t look like you can do this. Although the email body field supports markdown, it doesn’t support image markdown. This would work in a .md file:


But it doesn’t work in the email action. This ties in with this article which makes no mention of images.

Actually, Airtable quietly added support for images in automation emails a while ago. You use an html image tag. You can even set the height and width of the image (unlike in markdown).

Per the bottom of this support article

We support using Markdown syntax and a variety of HTML tags within your emails to ensure things are formatted the way you’d like. We currently support using the following HTML tags: <b> , <br> <u> , <strong> , <em> , <img> , <a> and <span> tags. You can also include inline CSS by adding a style attribute to your HTML tags.

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Jonathan and Kuovonne, thanks for your reply. Much appreciated.

@kuovonne - I tried a regular html <img> tag too, but this doesn’t work for me either. Did you get this working?

Oh I see why this didn’t work. It is a bug really. This image:

has underscores in it and it doesn’t render.

This image (no underscores) does:

And by chance I had picked one with underscores

I’ve done it a while ago. I put the entire body of my message in a long text field and then included only that one field in the message body. If you try to put it in piecemeal, you might experience some variations.

I recall that including links in emails sometimes had problems too and needed escaping. Airtable got confused and would think that the underscores were markdown syntax.

Yep - I think that’s what it is doing. As it is inside the src attribute at this point, you would think it would deal with this, but a bug that can be workaround I guess, without too much issue. As you say, forming the full html content in a long text field is also a nice way of doing this

@kuovonne sorry, this might be a very simple question. But how do you “put the entire body of the message in a long text field and then included only that one field in the message body”? Can you copy-paste a sample here? Thanks.

I do this with scripting. I have scripts that generate records in an email table with the body fully formed. This lets me have many different email templates that I use with button fields, but takes up only one of the twenty-five automations.

Thanks @kuovonne I am on the free version, so no scripting. I might get back to this when I have more complicated tasks. Thanks again.

Just wanted to chime in to say that I came here looking for this answer (HTML tag) and it worked perfectly for me - both using Airtable’s native email and using the Gmail integration. Yay!

A few notes:

  • Like @JonathanBowen I initially used a URL with underscores in it and it failed - but URLs with no underscores worked great.
  • In the Airtable email, the image was distorted on mobile - but using Gmail, the image dynamically adjusted. I’ll be using Gmail!
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As I posted above, I was able to successfully implement an HTML image embed code in an Airtable Automation Gmail email like this:

<img src="https://....png" width="714" height="1000" alt="Alt Text">

However, now I want to take it one step further and store the image URL in the Airtable, and use it as a variable to generate the HTML in the automated email like this:

<img src="
**Image Link Field**
" width="666" height="500" alt="Alt Text">

However, I can’t get it to work! I’ve tried making the field type both a URL and single-line text (both with and without the quotation marks); neither seems to work. I’ve also tried putting the whole HTML codeblock into the field as text and then inserting that field into the automation by itself; that doesn’t work either. The only thing that has worked so far is having all of the code, including the image URL, directly input into the automation message.

Does anybody have any ideas about how to implement what I’m trying to do?

@JonathanBowen - I thought you might have a clever idea! =)