Is it possible to hide fields in a view on the mobile app?


Is it possible to hide fields in a view on the mobile app? I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find anything. I’ve also dug through help files and nothing mentioning that you can’t do it. Am I just being dense, or is this not something you can do on the mobile version of the app? Thanks!



As far as I know, there are a lot of Airtable features missing in the iOS app’ :confused:
Hiding/showing fields is one of them :confused:



Just noticed that after hiding a column in a grid view of a table, all is well even in the expanded card view on the desktop version. However, when opening the records in the iOS iPhone version, the hidden field is now visible again which defeats the intent and clutters the record. Please investigate and advise.

It might also be worth noting that it doesn’t appear you can hide/unhide columns within the iOS version (I only see sort and filter options available). Is this a missing feature and if so does that have an influence on the above fields displaying even though they are hidden in the desktop version?

Thanks so much!



Upon further investigation and research, I see that this is not a current supported feature in the iOS platform (documentation noted here) but is planned at some future date.

I also have discovered that although the web platform in grid view does support hiding fields/columns, when you go to the expanded card view the hidden field gets moved to the end of the list for some reason (not hidden as I originally thought). Again, not an ideal situation given the intent to hide these fields. Hopefully, this will get changed as well going forward.

See additionally these 2 posts for additional details: Post 1 and Post 2

Sorry, I should have added my original post to one of these instead of creating another topic! Still learning. :wink:



:frowning: this needs to be addressed it’s such a basic feature



Bump. This and other iOS functionality issues I’m noticing have been being complained about for years with no apparent change or update.

Google went “mobile first” awhile ago, it’s time to get with the times.