Is it possible to share a Dashboard?

Is it possible to share Blocks dashboards similar to or as part of how you share a view? The Timeline block is a better representation for our front-line teams to see at a glance than the calendar view. But I can’t see any way to share the Dashboard either as part of the view or on its own.


You can share individual Blocks (it’s in beta), but I think you can’t share complete Dashboards.


The ability to share Dashboards should be a priority for Airtable in my opinion. I have many clients that I’d like to share a Dashboard with rather than a View, or have the ability to share both the View and Dashboard Blocks related to that View.


You could iFrame your blocks into a web page.
Something like can be used to build out a website entriely in AT. Check it out, might work for your use case.


To add my two cents to the conversation: the ability to share a full dashboard would be very helpful for us. We’re using Airtable to manage a volunteer-led, staff-supported fundraising campaign and sharing the Dashboard in real time is a great way to build a sense of shared purpose. It would be great to be able to share the Dashboard without having to give someone access to the base.


Is anyone aware of an update making the beta feature live?


I agree that the ability to share a dashboard would be very useful.


Same feeling here. I’m looking into pulling my airtable data into a google sheet than visualizing it for sharing. Could be better…

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I requested access to the beta feature, and it said I would receive a confirmation email, but I have not received confirmation. Is this beta still available?

+1 for sharing a dashboard. It just makes perfect sense, this is what dashboard is all about


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