Is it possible to share a Dashboard?


Is it possible to share Blocks dashboards similar to or as part of how you share a view? The Timeline block is a better representation for our front-line teams to see at a glance than the calendar view. But I can’t see any way to share the Dashboard either as part of the view or on its own.


You can share individual Blocks (it’s in beta), but I think you can’t share complete Dashboards.

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The ability to share Dashboards should be a priority for Airtable in my opinion. I have many clients that I’d like to share a Dashboard with rather than a View, or have the ability to share both the View and Dashboard Blocks related to that View.


You could iFrame your blocks into a web page.
Something like can be used to build out a website entriely in AT. Check it out, might work for your use case.


To add my two cents to the conversation: the ability to share a full dashboard would be very helpful for us. We’re using Airtable to manage a volunteer-led, staff-supported fundraising campaign and sharing the Dashboard in real time is a great way to build a sense of shared purpose. It would be great to be able to share the Dashboard without having to give someone access to the base.

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Is anyone aware of an update making the beta feature live?


I agree that the ability to share a dashboard would be very useful.