Is it possible to upload attachments?


I’ve done a ton of work with cloudinary API and used their widget. It’s very well done and works well. I’ve also pushed attachments to Airtable using the API (as a url). So I have no doubt its possible on both sides. You would just need to build it into your application. If you provide more details on your specific scenario I can give more specifics on how to approach it. Feel free to ping me at


Thanks, I will shoot you an email.


I want to thank you so much Dan for suggesting cloudinary. I have got this up and running beautifully and the images are uploading to Airtable. I will be writing up a blog post with the code to help others and will post the link here for anyone who needs help.


As promised, my write up of my solution.


Looks great Chinara, good job! You should post this to the Show & Tell forum as well.

Dan @ Openside


Ok will do. Hope they don’t mind the duplication.


Thank you Chinara and +1 for adding this functionality to the API!!