Is one of many fields empty

Hi All, very new to this and looking for some help. I’m looking to quickly see if a briefing has been completed or if any fields have been left empty (to then later report on this).

Example I have 5 fields, if one of these fields is empty I want the output to be “incomplete”.

I have been trying with this: IF({Message Name}=BLANK(),“Incomplete”,“Complete”) but this only works for me with one field. Any way I can check multiple fields to see if one of them is empty?

Hi @Maarten_VandenHeuvel,
You should be able to accomplish this by wrapping the arguments in an OR() statement:
IF(OR({Field 1} = BLANK(), {Field 2} = BLANK(), {Field 3} = BLANK(), {Field 4} = BLANK()), "Incomplete", "Complete")

Hope that helps.

@Nick_Dennis exactly what I needed! Thank you sir!

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