Is there a feature roadmap

Is there any feature roadmap? I see a LOT of feature request but would love to know what is anticipated for release and when? My client has me exploring Zoho app developer because we can create forms and list records by query.

I’d prefer to focus on their data analytics - which we have coming out of Airtable into a series of Google Sheets as a live dashboard of sorts. (refreshed 4 times a day).

Some of the basic items I’m curious about are:

  • Numeric formatting on lookup/rollup columns or in formulas (without some crazy formula)
  • The ability to specify required entry for a record (not in a form)
  • The ability to have controlled forms for editing records
  • Basic automation: javascript for base, table, row, and/or field actions
  • API limitations: ie: I want to be able to turn on and off API access by user and audit all API interactions in our account. (this is a weird one - why, oh why, do individual users have API access).
  • Conditional formatting based on formulas and conditions that are NOT on any one field. ie: I have to create formula fields that are complex to accomplish this. I’d rather now have fields that users can see.
  • Force column order (and visually specify) which fields are data entry versus informational.: Yes… users can look at the type of column - but really? Can they?

That’s not really a complete list but I would love to know what I should expect to see and when.


Aside from occasionally putting upcoming features into a public/private beta, the Airtable devs have not yet published a feature roadmap. Will they ever publish one? It’s tough to say. I think they definitely know by now that users would like to see a roadmap, but speaking partly from personal experience, publishing a public roadmap has its pros and cons, mainly because roadmaps are ever-changing beasts.

I understand the need for flexibility and that things changed based on priority but it is strange to have no idea what features are viewed as important or if they are being addressed at all.

Case and point - they delivered rich text formatting as a beta. But are silent on any sort of admin auditing and control of user API keys. I have clients who would use AT but cannot unless this is addressed.

Currently, I’m prototyping something in Quickbase for a client that requires rudimentary forms and built-in automation to control data entry. Also, I have better control over API. I don’t know if the product will work for what I need but they don’t want to go down a full-development road.

…sigh… I just want a product that does everything I want it to the way I want it to when I want it to. Is that too much to ask? :wink:

Oh… the above user: (Brilliant_Admin) is me in another form. I was posting questions and comments using my client’s admin account but changed to my personal account.

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