Is there a formula to combine 3 separate columns for "day" "Month" "year' .. into one Date field

I have a Google Sheet with 3 separate columns for Day Year and month … and I would like to instead enter a Date field …It’s a simple table I’m moving to Airtable because it’s more user friendly IMO. … iut’s for about 2000 records.

See the picture attached

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Check out the DATETIME_PARSE() formula function. It is documented in the Formula Field Reference. You may also need to refer to the list of format specifiers.

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I’ll check it out… .

FYI … I tried this CONCATENATE(Month,Day,Year) but it didn’t quite work out …

I’m almost there … I first use concanate formula to string the text together and then I used Date time parse

the following formulat


It worked except that it displays the time as 12:00am … is there an edit I can do to remove the time.

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I figured it out. . there is a checkbox to not include time… thanks for all your help

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