Is there a template for a small grocer store?

My local grocer store is being overwhelmed with email orders due to Corona-19 created demand.
Is there a template already that would allow customers to order online for products that would come under a range of Meat, Veg, Fruit, etc

Hi @Philip_Barber,

To be able to do something like that, it will be a bit complicated. You cannot use the forms because it will not allow you to choose several items at a time and at the same time put qtys for each item.

The best solution will be to create a separate Airtable Base for the customers that has all the items they can order, they would copy this base to their Workspace (meaning they have to create an Airtable account and logging, which is very easy), then they would send a link of the Base to the grocery store where they copy it into an Orders table and work on it.

It seems a like a long way and not very efficient. But if you need help setting this up, let me know.


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Hi Mohamed,
Thank you for explaining the complexity of what would be needed.
I could see the problem but had no idea as to the solution.

In all honesty, I am not involved with the store and they hadn’t asked for help.

If there had been a simple, off the shelf solution then I would have pursued it, however they are too busy to take on a task like this and do not have the interest in Airtable.

Thank you once again for confirming to me that it is too big a challenge for me and for them.

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