Is there a view by client filter?


I’ve been using the product for about 4 minutes and the first thing I want to do with project tracking is view by client. Am I missing something? If I am not missing a simple way to do this. I will make a category for every client, which seems redundant. I would think this wouldn’t be a custom filter since it is so rudimentary.

Thank you for looking into this.


One Table for Proyects, other table for Clients, both linked by a Linked Record field. Then you could Group proyects by Clients, create Filters, Views, and so on:


Thank you. I’ll take your advice.


Spend some time with the sample bases and also check out Airtable Universe.


Filter—> Client --> contains (insert client name)—>Creates a a sorted
list showing projects for one client.

I’m sorry if I am needlessly taking up people’s time. It took me awhile
with the software to start to get it. I’m loving it.

Thank you,