Is there a way to access the names of columns?


Is there a programmatic way to count columns? I am aware that COUNTA() exists, but I have to manually input the column names into the formula. Is there a way I can access the names of the columns and count the ones that contain the word “Siege” for example?


The most basic example that does exactly what you want: create a new column with the following formula. The total will be displayed at the bottom of this column.

IF(FIND("Siege", Name), 1, 0)


Hello, Tuur. Thanks for the reply. I believe that will only find data in a cell. I wanted to somehow look at the name of the COLUMN and count the columns names that contain the word “Siege.” It doesn’t look like that’s possible.


Ahhh. Sorry about that. And nope, not possible. Sorry about that too…