Is there a way to automatically connect a logo to a company name with more than 10,000 records?

Hi everyone !

Here is my problem:
I have a table that consists of two columns → 1: Company // 2: Company logo.
On another table, I upload company information like name, location, revenue, etc (about 1000 records for each upload).

The thing I would like to do is tell Airtable to upload a logo to the 2nd table opposite the company name as I could have done in Excel with a Vlookup function.

The problem is that on Airtable, before doing a Vlookup function, I have to link to another record, which takes a lot of time as I have to do it for each record…

Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

If Table 1 has the name of the company and Table 2 has the name of the company, just convert Table 2’s company name field into a link to table 1. Assuming all the companies were spelled correctly, your linking will be done in one fell swoop.

Next consider why you need two tables for this if all that exists in the other table is the logo image?


It’s working :slight_smile: thank you very much (I’m a newbie on airtable)


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