Is there a way to measure/export the number of objects in a table view at end of each day?

I have a series of views which capture items at various stages in a process based on filters of the dates and values, but I am hoping to get a daily snapshot of the queue sizes which can be exported into a excel report to show the progress and change of any bottlenecks.

Is there a way to capture the number of items in a view, and if so for a given period in time? I was originally thinking of using an automation trigger based on a value that calculates which view it should be in, but time triggers do not seem to look at anything that isn’t time related.

If your trigger runs at a scheduled time (end of each day) then you can use a Find Records step to get a count of records in a view, assuming that number is less than or equal to 100. Otherwise you can use a simple Run a Script action to get a full count of records in a view.

That Automation could then use a Create Record step to fill in a “Reports” table with the day and record count so you can have a running log.

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Out of curiosity, could you think of a way I could take advantage of the new Interfaces to display this as a graph with weekly values over time? Exporting this count externally is simple enough as it doesn’t need to worry about remembering previous weeks but I would love to keep the report in Airtable if possible.

A sum of how many records are in a view, bucketed by week could give a trend but you’d need to keep that data constantly recorded for the interface to see previous weeks data?

I am trying to trigger at a time to find all records in a view, then create a new record in my reports table that adds the date and the list of records from the previous search, but I am getting issues not being able to create a record due to permissions

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