Is there a way to ommit records when you search


I’ve made this data base that logs assignments.
These assignments are then being added to print views for invoicing.

My problem is that by time the amount of records you’ll have to filter through to choose the right items to invoice gets quite daunting - is there away to omit records from the search pop up when using a linking field?
Fx all records already invoiced would be nice omitted from the outset.
At them moment I’m just cramming as much searchable info into the ‘main field’ however it starts or look like quite a long text instead of a simple name.


One approach could be to have various fields that describes the assignment or job, such as customer name, job name, assignment name, and a status field that indicates whether the job is open, in progress, closed, invoiced, etc. You could then filter the view so that only certain values of the various fields appear. For example, give me a view that only shows me assignments for customer x that are not invoiced (that is, closed, but not yet invoiced).


I haven’t done this yet, but one approach is to skip the built-in record selector and just copy and paste the main field from a filtered view that’s open in a separate window.