Is there a way to quickly jump from one table to another table?

Is it probable?If I am in a table in workbase A, how can I jump to a table in workbase B quickly? Is there any shortcut?

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When I need to go back and forth between tables, I open Airtable in two different web browser windows/tabs and switch between the windows/tabs. It doesn’t matter if the tables are in different bases or different workspaces. I also use this technique to open the same table in two windows for very wide tables, or to see different views of the same table at the same time.


how about on the iphone? It is easy to have two windows on PC, but is it possible to use this way on cell phone?

CTRL-K to switch bases
CTRL-J to choose tab

To get a new screen first, just duplicate your browser tab or, in the Airtable desktop app, uqe CTRL-N

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That’s really nice.
But how about on the phone?

I have no idea if there are any on a phone.

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