Is there a way to retrieve stock quotes using Airtable?


Is it possible to enter a stock symbol such as AAPL and get the price update as is offered in other spreadsheet programs?



Hi Stan,
You can achieve this using stocks triggers and airtable recording.
Let me know if you would like help in setting this up.


Hi Michael,

I have read about ifttt but have not tried using it. I searched on google and could not find anything about Airtable using ifttt to retrieve stock prices. If you could offer some hints as to how to do this I would appreciate it.
I would basically like to enter a list of stock symbols and pull their price from Yahoo or Google.



Ok - I tried to get it to work and it appears not to have that functionality at the moment - I have requested it and if I get a response I will let you know.


OK Michael, thanks for trying,