Is there a way to show the content of a table to users without them having to sign up or pay to Airtable?


Hi all,
I want to make my data public to the world!, but I don’t want them to have to sign up to Airtable to do that. Adding a sign up increases the chances for people to abandon, and if they do that, they will not be able to see what data exists for them.
Additionally, I rely on a community of users to enter data. Freely. The more content they enter the better the idea works. However, it will be a great deterrent if users need to pay, as I’m sure they will get discouraged to do so. I noticed that the plans are based on the number of users that can edit your data, that make me nervous, as I want a lot of people to contribute with content, but I don’t think I can pay for each one that edits the table.

Any ideas on how to do this?


You can always share data in a read-only view using the share menu:

Depending on the structure of your data, you may be able to have users submit data to your Airtable base through forms, which would not require them to have an Airtable account, or be paid users on your workspace:


Thanks @Jeremy_Oglesby, but this is not exactly what I want. I want them not only to access the data, but them to be able to see the data without having to sign up in Airtable. I wonder if that is possible. Again, adding a sign up is a deterrent for people, who just would abandon and not see what data exists there. First they need to see what kind of data exists, and hopefully, if they see value, to be willing to create an account in Airtable, if that is what would allow them to search more data.


I’m not entirely sure I understand, then. When you say you want them to access the data AND to see the data without having to sign up, those strike me as the same thing.

Here’s an example of what it looks like to you, a non-collaborator on my base/workspace, when I share one of my bases with you via a read only link:

You can see all the data in all the tables. What do you mean by access that is different here?


Thanks Jeremy!, the link you provided allowed me into your table. I just wonder if it is because I already have an Airtable account. If you send that link to someone else, that doesn’t have an Airtable account, would they be able to access your table right away? or they would have to create an account first?


They would be able to view it right away, no account required. You can also embed a view from Airtable within a website that anybody (Airtable account or no) can access, as I’ve done here:

The view of that “kanban” table is embedded in an <iframe> tag in my company website, and can be viewed by anybody, as it’s completely disconnected from the Airtable website.


Thank you!. Your explanation helped me a lot. I already created some views and embedded into my pages. They work smoothly. Now I started having other questions, but I will look for the answer in the other threads or may open another, just to keep the conversation focused.