Is there any way we can run script wjen record is updated?

I would like to know if it is possible to trigger script when a record is updated. I can see the [


](Airtable Blocks SDK)

hook is avaiable, but I don’t know if it will run on background or not?

For example If I update record using a API then would it would trigger ?

Here is what I want to achieve :slight_smile:
When a record is updated in a table ==> Trigger APP to run calculation ==> ADD/update entry in another table.

For first table there are number of source to update record…

Please advise if thre is an better optoon available.

Its possible to do, but Apps do not run in the background. General rule of thumb is if no user has the app window/dashboard open, the apps are dormant.

Have you considered doing whatever you’re trying to do with an Automation’s “run a script” action? Automations run without any person needing to have a particular app/window/base open.

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