Is there logical operator "includes any of"?

Hi, is there a way to compare strings that include same word(or part of the word), but not the whole phrase?

You can use the FIND or SEARCH functions to see if a word is in a phrase. Combine it with the OR and IF functions to get “includes any of”.

    FIND("keyword 1", {field to search}),
    FIND("keyword 2", {field to search}),
    FIND("keyword 3", {field to search})
  "Found at least one",
  "Didn't find any"

If your {field to search} is a lookup field, you will need to turn it into a string: {field to search} & ""

You do have to be careful if some of your keywords are subsets of each other. For example, if you have keywords “alpha” and “alphabet”, this simply formula will find “alpha” even if the field includes only “alphabet”.


Wonderfull, I manage to make it work :slight_smile: Thanks

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