Is this possible, if so how?!

Hi. I have a database with veg and flowers in. For the flowers I have fields for colours, scented and evergreen. I don’t want these to appear in the veg details. Same as I don’t want ‘hungry gap’ fields with flowers (for example)… Is this possible or should I split the data? If is is, please could you give me a forumula example I could use.

Hi @Deborah_Clark,

Of you dont want the details to appear the only option is to keep it empty. Im not sure how these items are filled though.

But the field will stay there whether it is a veg or a flower. Maybe a good idea would be to have 2 tables.


Or you could go with a 3 table approach.

Table 1: “Plants”
Contains details common to both Flowers and Veg’s.

Table 2: “Flowers”
Contains details specific to flowers.

Table 3: “Veg’s”
Contains details specific to veg’s.

Link both “Flowers” and “Veg’s” back to “Plants” in a one-to-one relationship. Pull all the fields from each table into the “Plants” table with Lookups. Hide all those Lookups, and create Formula fields In the “Plants” table that conditionally display either a “Flowers” Attribute or a “Veg’s” Attribute depending on what type of record is linked.

It’s kind of like an inelegant polymorphic table.

Thank you both for replying, much appreciated. I will have a go at the three table approach and see how it goes :smile:

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