Is this possible with Airtable formulas?

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Is it possible to trim input, by using the _'s ? Or is there a more clever way?

Input: John-Doe_recGQNicbCUqYIJ9s_coach-60bf663d8f264a0004816093

Output formula 1: John Doe
Output formula 2: recGQNicbCUqYIJ9s
Output formula 3: 60bf663d8f264a0004816093

Looking forward to some tips! Thankyou! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes, it is possible. I recommend using the REGEX_EXTRACT formula. I don’t have time to write up the full formulas, but this might get you started.

This will get you the first name. You will still need to substitute the - with a space character.

REGEX_EXTRACT({Field Name}, "^[^_]+")

This is the record ID, but you still need to remove the initial underscore.

REGEX_EXTRACT({Field Name}, "_rec[^_]+")

This is the last bit.

REGEX_EXTRACT({Field Name}, "[^-_]+$")

Sorry I do not have more time.

On the other hand, this information is most likely stored somewhere else in the base as individual fields. A better method would be to pull the individual items across from their initial source fields.