Issue google calendar

Hi all.
i have some issues to connect airtable and google calendar wit Zapier.
it seems that there is always an issue when zapier tries to get the datetime from airtable. Do you know which field i should use on airtable so Zapier recognises it properly?
"im lost and a newbie :frowning:

Big thanks for the support

Hi @David_Soukhasing,
It looks like you posted this question a while ago, but hopefully this answer is still relevant and helpful to you.

As an alternative to Zapier, you can set up this full 2-Way Sync between Airtable and Google Calendar using zzBots.
This will sync over new and updated records or events with specific times, or as all day events or multi-day events.

You can install this full 2-Way Sync here:

The following video will walk you through the install:

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with zzBots

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