Issue with batch script

Hello Folks,
The batch feature here works perfect and it creates 50 records in milliseconds and goes on till it finishes the total number of episodes ( EPS ), I have a tiny issue with the numerical calculation, it doesn’t work well with pattern adds to the date

So if you run this batch script to add 7 days to each date the result is not accurate

const importTable = base.getTable(“Titles”);
const importQuery = await importTable.selectRecordsAsync();
const episodesscheduletable = base.getTable(‘Episodes Schedule’);

const episodesScheduleQuery = await episodesscheduletable.selectRecordsAsync()
const episodesScheduleNames = =>

let contactsToMake = ;

for (let record of importQuery.records)
let myDate = new Date();
let RowsToCreate=0;
RowsToCreate= record.getCellValue(‘EPS’) ;
myDate = new Date(record.getCellValue(‘Release Date’));

while (RowsToCreate>0)
    myDate.setDate(myDate.getDate() + 7);    
    await episodesscheduletable.createRecordAsync({
        "Release Date": myDate 
    RowsToCreate = RowsToCreate -1   


The result

So 14+7 = 21
21+7= 28 not 27

Is there something wrong with my code, I just want to add 7 to each date add up, but it’s not working properly, Do you have a quick fix for that?

Thank you guys for your continuous help and support. Appreciate your input
waiting for your reply.

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