Issue with Form fields

Hi All,

In my base there are several fields which I’d like to appear in the form but not be editable. Whichever combination I use to secure these Field’s permissions results in the information in these fields blank when the form is sent out. The only way to display the Field’s content is to set the permissions either to Editors and above or Creators and above. If the field is set to specific users or nobody, then the field is blank in the form. How can this be fixed?

Important caveat: the form is sent out using miniExtensions’ “Edit Existing Records with Airtable Form” so I can insert information in a specific record and send out a link to a form to other people in my organization to insert data (in only specific fields that I’d like, while the others are restricted to them).

I’m dismayed that Airtable doesn’t yet have the option to Send Record… As Form Link.

Thanks, all suggestions are highly welcome.

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