Issue with Lookup only returning 1 result

I use Airtable to manage our goat dairy. I recently created a form to input the health checks directly into the database from our phones. It works great, but I am trying to eliminate the goats, no longer with us, either sold or deceased. I added a field in my main base of “In Herd” with a check mark option. The lookup for this field into our health base only returns the first goat, Aaron and leaves blank every other goat. I am lost. Thank you in advance. Image shows the receiving base of the lookup.

To clarify, @Denise_Lee, are you saying that you have checked the {In Herd} checkbox for other Goats in your Goats table, but that is not being reflected in the Lookup field in your Health/Wellness table?

For example, is the {In Herd} checkbox checked for the Goat named “Abram” in your Goats table? If so, it should certainly be showing as checked in the {In Herd} Lookup in your Health/Wellness table.

Yes. The goat table has over 60 goats with “in herd” check mark.

This is strange. Can you show a screen capture of the configuration for lookup field?
Is it possible that you have conditions for the lookup?
Could the lookup field be referencing a different field?

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