Issue with Notifications

Greetings Airtable community!

I am hoping for some insight/guidance/problem-solving on an issue I’m having with notifications.

I received an email indicating a colleague had mentioned me in a comment on a specific record in a base we share.

And when I click on the notifications icon in the base, I also see that she mentioned me. However, when I go to the specific record I cannot see her comment anywhere. What might be causing this disconnect?

I am attaching screen grabs for reference/context. The first shows the record itself, which should have the comment from my colleague Jeniene showing on the right, but does not. The second image shows the email I received, and the third is a screen grab of the notification pane in Airtable.

Thank you very much!

Maybe she deleted the comment but the notification system isn’t smart enough to clear out notifications if they’re no longer valid?

That’s a brilliant thought! I’ll check with my colleague to confirm this is what happened. Thank you!

Let us know! If that is the case, it’s probably a great feature suggestion to request to about them improving the notifications in these regards.

It was indeed the case! My colleague posted the comment and later deleted it.

Case solved!:white_check_mark:

Many thanks for your help!

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