Issues with Notion integration

Hi all.
I have the following issue: I want to integrate a table inside a Notion page. In my table there are links to Google Photos albums, but they don’t work (they do instead work if I copy and paste the same link in the browser).
I don’t know if this is an Airtable, Notion or Google Photos issue though…

Anyone experienced that before?


Hey @Filippo_Livorno! Welcome in!

If you’re trying to embed a view into Notion, one idea that hit me was that you could create a button field that launches the URL to the Google Album.

Then, for the shared view, just hide the actual URL and only display the button.

That might allow you to open the link without having to copy/paste the link.

Give it a shot and let me know if it works.
I’m curious.

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Hi Ben, thanks for your reply.
In reality, I believe that the issue might be due to my VPN, because from the phone it’s working…

Here the link to the page:

Thank you for your reply.

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I also discovered that if I copy the URL from the table, it’s different than the one provided by Google Photo.

For example: this link “” is turned by Airtable in the following link “Sign in - Airtable

Could be this the issue? That Google Photos doesn’t recognise it? It’s strange, because from mobile it works…

@Filippo_Livorno - I peeked at the notion page you linked.

It actually appears to work as you’ve intended!

I was able to see the link as well as launch the link from the embed.

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Ok, many thanks for trying it out.

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