It would be great to have a view for recently changed items

It would be great to have a view for recently changed items.

You can make one. Just use the last updated field and sort by that field, then filter out what you don’t want.

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RnJ means like this…

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I can but sometime I really need to look quickly.

This could be easy if we had named filters.
Otherwise it’s a process every time I’ve to check it.

Create a new view with the filter. Then it’s a click away. You’ll probably want a sort in there as well.


ok I like this.

How do i modify it with , show only the records who’s status has been updated in last 24hrs / Today ?

If you have a field called “status”, you can create the “Last updated” field to look only at the status field for time stamping updates. Or you can have “Last updated” look at every field.

I think the filter I showed you a few posts ago should work for the last 24 hours. So,

  1. Create a new grid view (or whatever view you’d like)
  2. Create a “Last updated” field - key on specific field or all fields
  3. Set filter of new view to look at “Last updated” timestamps within the last day

That should get you close unless I’m forgetting something.

Concern - how do i access this view in the mobile iphone ?
Also I can’t see the calendar view also in the mobile.

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